2018 WE3 Chinese & Music

Start:  May  - August, 2018

Schedule: Possibly Sunday, 9:30AM - 1:30PM (incl 30 min snack break)*

25 Week Term

Please specify student's grade level and availability when signing up under "instructions"

WE-3 combines Chinese language classes with our flagship Youth Award in Chinese Music orchestra program. Students learn Mandarin language along with traditional Chinese music for a fully immersive Chinese cultural experience.

Students ages 6-10 learn Mandarin in an interactive group setting. Curriculum includes usage of hanyu pinyin, character reading and writing, development of more content-based writing skills and conversational skills, as well as Chinese culture and arts, including brush painting and paper cutting.

After Chinese class, students have tuition-free classes in a traditional Chinese instrument - erhu, yangqin, percussion, guzheng, lute, dizi, or chorus. The program includes group classes, loaned instruments, interactive workshops, and a culimination concert.

Tuition: $599

*4 hours basic duration at minimum 3 students, 3hr class for 2 students, 1.5hr class for 1 student.

*Possible Saturday and/or PM class depending on enrollment.