Private Music Lessons start anytime

  • Private One-on-One Program
  • Flexible 7-day/week schedule
  • Qualified Instructors (conservatory trained and/or performance experienced)

Mencius Society for the Arts offers private one-on-one lessons taught by experienced professional instructors; private lessons may be scheduled 7-days a week in 30-45-60 min durations depending on the age/level of the student. Combining a systematic school curriculum with the traditional master-pupil personalized approach, private lessons cater to all ages and are tailored to each learning situation to best serve individual student. In the western music department, the most popular instruments offered are guitar, violin, piano, flute, saxophone, trumpet and drum set. Student violins and guitars are available to purchase in-house in the price range of $100-$150; other instruments may be ordered for the student. Please call for any instrument not listed here.  

  • Trial Lessons
A two-trial lesson package may be booked for an instrument of choice before committing to a regular program at discounted rates. For youth (under 16) this package may be multi-instrumental so that the student is introduced to a range of instruments and may explore the make and feel of 2 or 3 instruments per session before committing to study one. Trial lessons at $65 per hour may be credited towards a regular program at discount rates.
  • Performance Component
All private students will fall under the Mencius youth music program and be eligible to participate in seasonal concert performances open to the public.