Parent-Child (Mandarin)

Term: 8 sessions, 75 minutes per session

Parents will learn Mandarin Chinese alongside young children in a "home-school" format to maximize immersion in the target language: Children will have lessons first while their parents listen in. then parents study directly with the teacher. The child takes a break in a play corner while remaining in the ambiance of the Chinese-learning environment and experiencing natural Chinese language interaction.

This class is ideal for toddlers and young children, as it utilizes the natural language-learning ability of young children without imposing the confines of a traditional classroom environment.

Tuition per adult-child pair: $280 + Materials and snacks $30.

*Minimum two adult-child pairs to start. 

  • If only one adult-child pair, tuition is $308 + Materials and snacks $30.

**Time is adjustable as per participants' request