Practice/Study Rooms

Practice/Study Rooms for Rent

At Mencius, there are seven small rooms sized between 75-100 square feet (enough room to accommodate between 1 to 8 people) readily available for your booking to work on your music, meet a client, provide a consultation, or simply teach your own class. Each room comes with basic classroom fixtures and could be provided with the following additional equipment: an electric piano/keyboard, pre-schooler furniture, exercise mats, music stands, easels, etc. Wi-fi internet, fax and other basic office amenities will be be included at no charge.
    Hourly Bookings
    Please specify your needs in the detail box, including date(s) & time(s), and await confirmation. Your payment will be accepted only after the date(s)/time(s) are confirmed. With bulk booking, you can spread out your time over several days or weeks, as meets your needs. 
    • *Regular Hourly Rates (9:00A-5:30P) - $15.00/hr
    • *Evening Hourly Rate (5:30P-9:00P) - $20.00/hr
    • *10 Hour Block Bulk Booking - $130.00
    • *20 Hour Block Bulk Booking - $220.00
    Monthly Sublease may be arranged
    Each room can also be rented out for long-term use at a reduced rate by arranging a monthly sublease with us. Please specify that you would like a monthly sublease in the details box above, and indicate the day(s) and time(s) you would like to rent. We will get back to you with a rate quote soon.
    • *Hourly rates reducible to $10 or less depending on frequency of use. 

    *Rates are provided as an indication. Please contact us using our online forms for a precise quote.