The following terms & policies pertain to all courses, activities & merchandize provided/sold by Mencius Society for the Arts

  1. Upon enrollment, it is understood that the student is aware of the nature of the program and what it entails and the general industry standards according to which such programs are designed, that the program is either culturally unique, recreational or of a continuing, supplementary nature to mainstream education and therefore not subject to licensing regulations of any agencies including the Departments of Education, the College Board and other government or quasi-government agencies; accordingly, the student has voluntarily committed to work hard and cooperate to benefit the utmost from this program ; in turn Mencius Society for the Arts is motivated by professional ethics & market incentives to provide and maintain quality services.
  2. Accordingly; Mencius Society for the Arts will not be held liable in the event of the student’s subjective loss or dissatisfaction with its service arising from any of the following: loss of interest, incentive or motivation to study; missing classes, failure to complete assignments, inability to follow or falling behind, fatigue or time conflict at work, dislike of the instructor. By the same token, Mencius Society for the Arts may not be held liable to individual failure or dissatisfaction in terms of such indicators as exam grades, test scores, diplomas, certificates or report cards regardless of whether such indicators are issued by Mencius Society for the Arts or by other related or non-related institutions. 
  3. In matters of food provision such as food knowledge & food preparation classes offered and meals or snacks provided between sessions either within a fee program or a social event, it is understood that such provisions are of a private nature, prepared according to general standards of hygiene and common sense practices and that no special permits or licensing pertain; accordingly the student participates willingly and of his/her own accord and Mencius Society for the Arts shall not be held liable to such allegations as food poisoning or any other food related damages.  In matters of physical activities such as martial arts, dance and acrobatic classes, it is assumed that the client/student participates voluntarily and knowingly according to clear knowledge of his/her own health and physical condition, the nature of the activity and any risk that it entails. Accordingly the school may not be held liable in the event of any bodily injury suffered by the client/student. 
  4. Mencius Society for the Arts reserves exclusive rights as to program schedules, space allocation and appointment of staff to service each program; a client/student may not schedule classes directly with the assigned staff or “pick-and-choose” as to staff or space; Mencius Society for the Arts reserves exclusive rights as to assignment of a “substitute” or “replacement” instructor at any time. The student may not directly engage or solicit the service of an instructor or staff of Mencius Society for the Arts during and up to 18 months following the last day of the student’s enrollment at Mencius Society for the Arts.
  5. Mencius Society for the Arts reserves exclusive rights as to its assets and properties including its equipment, hired instructors and staff, and all material record of its activities and classes of students/clients and staff on premise or at any off-site event hosted by Mencius Society for the Arts (&/or its associated organization Mencius Society for the Arts and these include documentary, video and audio materials which may be used for publicity purposes by Mencius Society for the Arts & Mencius Society for the Arts.
  6. All private interest dealings at Mencius Society for the Arts between or amongst students and instructors or staff members constitute a conflict of interest against Mencius Society for the Arts and are strictly prohibited: these include unauthorized use, possession, or copy of Mencius Society for the Arts’s properties, private arrangements to have class at or outside the Schoolsale of any service and materials that are identical or similar to goods and services offered at Mencius Society for the Arts. In the event of violation, Mencius Society for the Arts reserves the right to take such legal action as to recover any damage arising thereof.
  7. Mencius Society for the Arts shall not be held liable to any loss of class time or personal loss as a result of circumstances beyond its control and these include but are not restricted to: “slip-and-fall” accidents and other personal incidents of injury or onset of illnesses; facility breakdown as it affects Mencius Society for the Arts and its immediate vicinity such as power outage, extreme weather conditions or transportation standstill; natural calamities such as fire, flood, hurricane; and socio-political crises such as strikes, warfare and acts of terrorism.
  8. Full fee is payable prior to commencement of all fee programs at Mencius Society for the Arts and upon ½  (half) hour sit-in for mid-term enrollment in an on-going program. An attending student renewing for a new term will remit deposit or full fee prior to commencement of the new term; full rental fees are payable prior to commencement of space bookings and monthly rental fees are due prior to the beginning each month.  
  9. All programs run on advertised or preset schedules subject to minimum enrollment requirement (e.g. 2 or 3 students per class); classes that fall below the minimum student number in the course of the program are subject to adjustment to a shorter term or shorter duration per session. Classes will be made up only if cancelled by Mencius Society for the Arts.  There is no make up for No-show or Last Minute Cancellation (in less than 24 hr-notice) on the student’s part regardless of private or group enrollment. With 24 hours’ advance only private students may cancel class with 1x credit in a 6x (stint); 3 times in a short (12x) program or times in a long (36x program).  Regardless of unattended sessions, a 6x (stint) expires upon the 8th scheduled session; a short private program (12x) expires upon the 24th scheduled session or 6 months past commencement; the long private program (36x) expires upon the 45th scheduled session or 12 months from start date.
  10. Fees for program services are refundable if Mencius Society for the Arts fails to provide a program as advertised. Purchases of merchandize and materials are refundable if returned new and unused within 10 days of purchase with the original receipt. All refunds may be issued by check only within 14 days upon “Application to Withdraw/Refund”. Fees are NOT refundable upon commencement of program or service at Mencius Society for the Arts. Withdrawal upon commencement will receive no refund; private program withdrawal will receive credit for transfer to a future private program or group class within 1 year from original commencement; group class withdrawal may receive transfer credit to another class only at Mencius Society for the Arts’s discretion upon “Application to Withdraw/Transfer”. All credit is granted in the form of activity/instructional time and not convertible into cash. Used merchandize are sold as is and are not returnable or refundable.
  11. General promotional discounts, gift coupons or “scholarships”are offered at Mencius Society for the Arts’s discretion only, not convertible into cash, applicable on a one-time basis, subject to expiration dates and may not be combined in a single purchase of goods or services.