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Space available for monthly or one-time booking! 

We are Mencius Society for the Arts, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization rooted over two decades in the Chinatown community and devoted to the teaching and preservation of heritage and folk arts forms, particularly of the Chinese tradition.In the wake of gentrification, rising rents, and corporate encroachment, many minority artists and arts organizations have lost their workspace and with that, the precious community and cultural legacy that they have taken years to build. As Mencius faces the same threat, we are acting to try and reverse this trend.

Share and Save is an initiative to make available our small studio and multiple private work spaces for regular part-time sharing or hourly rental at low cost. Mencius Studio is an open plan, full amenities studio (650 sq. Ft) ideal for small meetings, classes, and seminar presentations; the studio comes with a small stage and a full kitchen. Additionally Mencius has four private rooms (80-120 sq. ft) for hourly bookings. Basic office amenities included and free Wifi access; musical instruments, floor mats, and audio system available on request. 

We call on all artists, artisans, other practitioners of trade, and small community clubs and societies to come share these spaces, pitch in on rising rents, and together save oral traditions and our genuine communities of practice.