Piano Group Class - Starts April 2019

Start: April 7, 2019 Sunday @2:00pm

Time: 12 weeks, Sundays, adjustable.

3-4 people, 1.5hr per week.

2 people, 1hr per week.



This is a systematic introduction to piano skills. 

*Flex Group Structure. This class runs a 12-wk term based on 1-4 students on incremental duration: 1-2 ppl 60 min, 2-4 ppl 90min. Each class is renewable on a minimum of 2 students enrolled.

1st Call System.

Mencius classes can run on our flex-group structure on a 1st-call basis: A student may sign up and be the 1st-call for a different date/time to have class and we'll post this schedule for 2-3 weeks. Thereupon, class will start and run accordingly per number of students signed up. 

Group classes are available for other Chinese and Western instruments as well. Contact us for more information.