Field Research

Situated in the midst of the world’s largest Chinatown (in New York City) and grounded in 10 plus years of community service – the Asian Cultural Exchange is strategically positioned to support all types of business interests targeting the global Chinese market. At ACE Forum, we are equipped with staff fluent in multiple Chinese dialects, and far-reaching networks within Lower East Side Chinatown and other New York City Chinese/Asian communities. We also enjoy direct access to an extensive network of professional and small business organizations both domestically, and in China and S.E. Asia.

We provide the following market/sociological research services:

  • Focus group Implementation: Full package or itemized service including screener/ guide customization, participant recruitment, group hosting and moderating, post-group transcription and summary
  • Data Collection & Qualitative: Generating questionnaire and administering surveys; conducting guided and open interviews and research documentation and report.
  • Niche Market Outreach: All manner of direct marketing support including face-to-face engagement, on-location event hosting and planning, online promotion and website localization.
  • Translation services: We facilitate all aspects of Chinese-language services including text translation of surveys and guides and interpreting at focus groups and interviews, transcription of recordings, subtitling, copyediting, etc. See translation services.
  • Project Consulting: Full packaged qualitative service as pertaining to sociocultural perspectives on the Chinese marketplace.